Why Electric School Buses?

There are Many Reasons:


ZERO emissions




Vision EV

Blue Bird is the Leader in Electric

Since our first deployment in 2018, Blue Bird has sold over 500 electric buses. Blue Bird is the only manufacturer to have produced and deployed electric vehicles in all 3 bus types – Type A, C, & D. As depicted on the map below, we’ve sold electric buses in many different states and provinces, and in varying climates, including both extreme hot and cold areas of North America and with varying terrain and duty cycles.

We have experienced an increase in sales of over 250 percent in 2020 and we are the current industry leader in electric school bus sales with market share of 75% based on February 2021 YTD RL Polk registrations. With this unprecedented interest in our product, Blue Bird has increased its electric bus production capacity to 1,000 units annually, to meet the further growth in demand.

The Places You'll Go...

1 miles
On a Single Charge

Depending on terrain and driving habits, achieve a range of up to 120 miles in a single charge, plenty of range for a typical school bus route.

10 minute
Fast Charge

Charge Ultra-Fast with a 120kW DC Fast Charger, Or in 3 hours on a 60kW DC Fast Charger. Charge in 8 hours on an AC Charger. All new Blue Bird Electric school buses are capable of charging with any of these types of chargers.

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